I would like to welcome you to my regions which make Modern Barter of Ace Barter Exchange. The states which make up Modern Barter are Arizona, California, Kansas, and Missouri.

As a business person, you have probably been involved in a trading situation. Finding a business that has the product or service your business needs and is willing to take your product or serviceĀ  fair trade can be limit your trading ability. Barter expands the trading concept to a whole new level.

Barter is a currency used for trading between businesses. It is a preferred method to attain the goods and services your business needs without spending cash. Barter can also bring more business to your business by connecting with other members in the exchange. It allows you to save cash and reduce business overhead because you can by nearly anything with barter dollars.

By opening a barter account with Ace Barter you are eligible to barter with thousands of other members who have a wide variety of goods and services from which to choose. This gives you the freedom to purchase any item or service available in the Ace Barter Exchange which enhances your buying power.

Barter WILL profit your business if:

  • Your business is not operating at full capacity.
  • Your business is ready to expand.
  • You want to reduce cash expenses
  • You have excess inventory
  • You have changed product lines and want to clear out discounted inventory.


Jodi Killingsworth, Regional Director